Who can see and acquire these data?

At present, the molecular imaging center databank is only open to the laboratory principal investigators (PI) at National Taiwan University. All permissions of usage have to be approved through the molecular imaging center account application. Once permissions are approved, the user can browse, download and upload data. If users want to download image data from a specific program or project, they are required to obtain the permission from the laboratory PIs who upload the project data, ensuring the communication safety of the project.



About research ethics of data sharing

The sharing data is recommended to delete names. All personal information in DICOM files is deleted before uploading to the sharing platform. In addition, the sharing data of each study should be permitted by institutional review board (IRB) of the study. If the previous IRB approval does not mention the related issues, it’s recommended to consult in the research ethics committee office for approval, ensuring the communication safety of data.



How does the data need to be modified?

If there is any error in the content or somewhere need to be corrected, please email to the website manager to assist in the correction of the data information.